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Do you have to stay 2 nights to come to Whitestone?

Wood-Duck-Whitestone-KnoxvilleDo you have to stay two nights to come to Whitestone?

Answer: No. That answer would make a short blog, so let me explain.

It’s easier for housekeeping if a guest stays more than one night – less linenes, less cleaning, etc. By requiring a 2 night stay (some inns require 3 nights on the holiday weekends) there is less danger of having “holes” e.g. full occupancy on Saturday night, but rooms available on Friday night.

At Whitestone I think you would enjoy a longer stay – the more, the better. In fact the stress study experts say that it’s the 3rd day before stress is greatly reduced. But many of our guests can only get away for one night.


Work schedules, babysitting issues, travel plans – all contribute making 2 or 3 night stays impossible for some.

Getting away to enjoy a special day – even when it’s just for a day – is a worthwhile thing to do. Whitestone even has a special package – a “Getaway For Those Who Can’t Get Away.” You can come for breakfast, enjoy the grounds, get a picnic lunch and have an early check-in. If you have to leave early the next day, we serve an early breakfast.

Come for a day! Come for a week! There is no 2 day minimum stay requirement at Whitestone. I did turn down a guest’s request. He called from a bath showroom in Knoxville. He and his wife were shopping for a Kohler waterfall spa shower. Of course the display wasn’t operational in the showroom. Before they “invested” that much money, the couple asked to rent one of our 8 rooms with the special shower. But they only wanted to pay for one hour! I said, “No.” That response might hurt our reputation!

Do you have an opinion regarding a 2 night minimum stay versus coming for one night? Let me know.