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Tips for Planning a Stunning Winter Wedding

There is nothing more elegant than wedding photos in the snow – you get a mix of winter berries and pine tree branches incorporated into the bride’s bouquet, and all of the winter accents in the reception decor. There are a few extra factors to consider when planning a winter wedding, but there are also extra ways to make it the most spectacular and beautiful wedding ever! Take a look at a few tips we recommend to perfectly execute your special, chilly day. 

The snowy photos

If you plan your winter wedding in Tennessee or Georgia, you will have to be one of the luckiest people in the world to get that dreamy snowy backdrop in your wedding photos. If this is a priority to you, be sure to book your wedding in a place that typically has snow on the trees and the ground on your wedding date. Also, in consideration of your wedding guests, check to see ahead of time if the venue or town will plow the roads around your wedding destination.

Consider the holidays

The most popular and celebrated holidays are in the winter months, so it’s best to not schedule your wedding on or too close to these dates – Christmas Eve on December 24, Christmas on December 25, New Year’s Eve on December 31, New Year’s Day on January 1. Hanukkah and Kwanzaa usually fall in the month of December, but the dates change year by year, so make sure you know these before deciding on your date.  

Serve warm food and drinks

It is always a great idea to serve delicious, warm food at the reception of a winter wedding. Menu options could include hot soup, roasted vegetables, casseroles, pot roast, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and more. At the bar, consider serving up warm apple cider, hot chocolate, and coffee.

Beat the sunset

The sun sets much earlier in the winter months, so it is crucial to plan your wedding photo session when it is still light out. Some people do their wedding photos before the ceremony to avoid any chance of missing the sunlight – out of sight and out of mind!

Make it unique

Consider adding winter accents like poinsettias to your wedding decor. Have a person at the entrance of the venue check your guests’ coats, so they aren’t stuck carrying them around all day. Use sparkly decor to enhance the elegance of your wedding. Make your day unique in ways that express who you and your future spouse truly are.

We can’t ensure the snowy backdrop, but we can guarantee a beautiful winter wedding any day at Whitestone Inn. Visit our website to review our wedding packages, and contact us today!