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Southern Charm Without the Farm

Wedding trends come and go. What’s “in” and popular right now could easily change by this time next month. Barns, boots, and burlap have been the triple threat for a perfect Southern wedding for quite some time. Many brides look specifically for a farm-like setting when choosing a wedding venue because they are best known for being a convenient way to achieve the spacious indoor-outdoor setting that is very much desired, and they seem to be the epitome of a country style wedding.

Of course, farms are beautiful and are still very popular; however, brides are no longer limited to them in order achieve their desired setting and country wedding style.

Whitestone Country Inn truly has something for everyone to create a perfectly unique and personalized special day. Between the wonderful country views of the lake overlooking the Smoky Mountains, several open outdoor areas including a gazebo with a heart-shaped courtyard, and the beautiful and quaint country chapel on the hill, you could say that Whitestone has every bit of the desired Southern wedding charm, without the farm.  Whitestone provides the same country charm, and options for an indoor-outdoor location, without following the typical trends of wedding venues.

Southern culture is all about family, and weddings are no exception. Southern couples often have large wedding parties, and an abundance of guests in attendance. The convenience of the couple, wedding party, and even family and guests being able to stay in one of the beautiful rooms at Whitestone Country Inn, combined with several onsite activities for all ages, makes for not only a place to have a wedding, but a full wedding experience.

Especially in this area, Southern brides often have a strict idea of what their wedding day design should be. At Whitestone, we strive to offer something for every couple, no matter the style. Of course, not everyone coming to this area even wants a country style wedding, but if you do find your way to Whitestone, you will surely be met with an abundance of Southern hospitality and a splash of sweet, Southern charm.

As a bride, I personally know how easy it can be to get caught up in following the wedding trends of the season. In my mind,  I started off the wedding planning process by looking for the Pinterest perfect wedding to be perfectly in line with what’s “in”, but in my heart, I knew I wanted something different. That’s when I found Whitestone. I believe that God gives us the desires of our hearts, and I truly found that with Whitestone. There were things provided that I didn’t even know I wanted, and looking back I couldn’t have asked for more. From the horse-drawn carriage ride to the beautiful bridal suite, I felt like complete royalty. I even had a guest tell me that my wedding was every southern girl’s dream.

Though I saw many beautiful venues in the area, all which easily could have also been a southern girl’s dream, I am so glad that following my heart led me to a timeless location that provides simple Southern elegance.