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Christmas at Whitestone

Everyone deserves a peaceful and relaxing Christmas season following this hectic year that seems to have been one surprise after another. Here at Whitestone Inn, we want to offer you and your loved ones a serene Christmas stay at our charming bed and breakfast retreat.

Holiday Getaway at Whitestone

Thanksgiving is almost here which brings us to the beginning of the holiday season. For many people, the next 6 weeks or so are the happiest time of the year. For many other people, they are the most stressful. At Whitestone, we know that it

Bride and groom smile on porch of Farmhouse

Winter Weddings in 2020

2020 has been a weird and challenging year for everyone, there is no doubt about that. This year has been incredibly hard for weddings since it is difficult to social distance and have a safe wedding while still making it as beautiful and perfect as

A two-lane road winds through fall colored trees in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.

Fall Fun in East Tennessee

Some may argue that the best season in East Tennessee is fall. Fall is filled with beautiful views, college football, and lots of pumpkin and spice. Year-round, there are countless things to do in East Tennessee, but fall is our time to shine. At Whitestone

Gold mylar letter balloons that spell "Love" in cursive letters against an off-white color background.

National First Love Day

At Whitestone, love is always in the air. Whether you are here for a romantic weekend or choose to have your wedding on our grounds, there is always enough love to go around. National First Love Day is this Friday, on September 18th. National First

Happy Labor Day from Whitestone Inn

Labor Day Weekend at Whitestone Inn

Labor Day weekend is an excellent opportunity to get away from your crazy work life and just relax. Labor Day is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to American workers’ social and economic achievements. Since many homes have become the workplace this

Two wedding rings sit on a decorative, white lace ring pillow.

The Biggest Fall Wedding Trend of 2020

Wedding trends are constantly changing and evolving. Having your wedding be on-trend and impressive to your guests is a priority to many couples. It is the most special day of your life, so you want it to be the best. That is why the following

Three women in denim shirts face away from the camera with arms behind one another's backs while holding baby's breath flowers.

National‌ ‌Sisters‌ ‌Day‌ ‌

Sisterhood is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. At Whitestone, we know that the best memories made are with sisters, and that is why we want to celebrate National Sisters Day with all of you. Whether it’s your biological sister, sister-in-law, or

A close-up decorative spa scene against a neutral, blank background featuring a rolled spa towel, lotion bottle, tea candle, and pink tulips all sitting on a table.

How Whitestone Will Help You Unwind

Life can get extremely stressful, and sometimes you need to devote a day or two to treat yourself to self-care. At Whitestone, we are the perfect getaway to unwind and relax after a crazy week. Whether you want to get away from work or kids’

The Perfect Summer Day Without Leaving the Inn

Are you bored in the house this summer and looking for the perfect vacation? At Whitestone, we offer tons of amenities and services that can give you a perfect summer day without even leaving our grounds. We call ourselves the “sanctuary for the soul”, and