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Wedding Trends That Are On The Rise

We have listed several wedding trends that are on the rise. Take a look at some great ideas so that you can stay on trend with your upcoming wedding!

1. Make it an indoor-outdoor wedding

Sometimes, taking a chance on the weather isn’t worth the time, money, and effort. Instead of risking having to quickly move your ceremony indoors, bring the outdoor themes and colors indoors from the get-go! Decorate with lots of greenery, flowers, vines, and natural, vibrant colors. This way, you get the outdoorsy wedding of your dreams without worrying that it might rain.

2. Bold and darker colors

Many couples are deciding to go with darker and bolder color schemes instead of the typical pastels and whites. Even when it comes to flower arrangements and bouquets, we are seeing much deeper red roses, more and darker greenery, blue and red berries, with just touches of lighter flowers.

3. Wedding videos

Photography is being taken to a whole new level. Many couples are hiring videographers, on top of their photographers, to capture every moment of their big day. These experts can piece together the best shots and the highlights of the day into an 8 to 10-minute video (on average). 

4. Food that makes a statement

Sometimes, the typical wedding food doesn’t really hit the spot. The dainty hors d’oeuvres and wedding punch is nice and all, but give your guests what they really want – a good meal! Many couples are starting to use their creativity with the food and are offering a delicious and hearty menu that you just can’t beat. If you’re looking to go the cost-efficient route – set up a buffet! 

5. Not even having a wedding!

Eloping is becoming a rising trend in couples today. More people are starting to think that instead of funding a wedding, they’d rather spend their money on an extravagant vacation and a private ceremony on a mountaintop or by the Mediterranean sea… Can we blame them?

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