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Why is the Entrance at Whitestone a Drive-Thru Barn?



barn-Whitestone-knoxvilleIn the master plan for Whitestone I wanted to have a covered bridge for the entrance. I thought it was important to have some symbol of getting inside the “sanctuary.” Since there was no creek for a covered bridge and East Tennessee is known for its drive through barns, I decided that would accomplish the security of being “inside the gates” feeling.

The Tennessee River (Watts Bar Lake) and a half mile of forest insulate the inn from the rest of the world. Reasons for coming to Whitestone are varied, but it is important to eliminate the distractions of daily life and enter a safe place where the outside world is far removed.

We use the phrase “a sanctuary for the soul” to describe the Whitestone experience. Come drive through the entrance barn and let the stress of the world melt away. Reconnect to your soul, your spouse and leave the world behind for a little while.