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Thoughts from Paul

Celebrating the Life of Paul Cowell

Sunday morning, beloved Whitestone innkeeper Paul Cowell, peacefully passed away from this earth and went to be with Jesus. He will be deeply missed by so many of us whose lives he impacted. Here are a few details on celebrating the life of Paul Cowell. On

11 Ways to Arrive to the Whitestone Inn

When you think of a relaxing getaway, you probably think of arriving in the traditional way – by car or maybe airplane. In all of the years since the Whitestone Country Inn has been open in beautiful East Tennessee, some of our guests have arrived

Most Interesting Place to Hear About Whitestone

Usually people hear about Whitestone from their friends, neighbor, or an acquaintance at the grocery store. BUT not this time. This has to be the most interesting way someone has ever heard about us and we’re incredibly honored.

A Story of Loss | Grief Recovery Retreat for Pastors

Whitestone will host a 4 day / 3 nights workshop and retreat for Pastor/Spouses who have lost a child, grandchild, or spouse on Aug. 8-11, 2016. Grief is an individual process but Spark of Life, a national grief recovery ministry has been helping folks find

I’m Plumb Give Out: A Letter from Paul

Please read this if you share my Christian values. “I’m Plumb Give Out” That’s how I feel today. Growing up in rural West Tennessee I heard that expression often from folks who were exhausted. In a slightly different way that conveys my condition – “I’m

Don’t Forget to Enjoy the View

Today when I drove from the Inn back up to my house at The Pointe at Whitestone a couple was sitting in their car on the side of the road. Thinking it might be someone looking at one of the few lots remaining I stopped

Who Are You Taking For Granted?

  Ecclesiastes 7:14 “God arranges both good days and bad days so we won’t take anything for granted.” But we do take things and people for granted! Especially dependable people who have been around for a long time can almost go unnoticed and under appreciated.

Is the Road to Hell Really Paved With Good Intentions?

In coaching sessions since the first of the year I have listened to clients express their intentions for change and progress in 2015. I do see a problem that’s wide spread with these good intentions. It’s easy to state our intentions – a “purpose”, but