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Who Are You Taking For Granted?


Ecclesiastes 7:14 “God arranges both good days and bad days so we won’t take anything for granted.”

But we do take things and people for granted! Especially dependable people who have been around for a long time can almost go unnoticed and under appreciated. We become so accustomed to their love and support that we only focus on how much they contribute to our lives when they are no longer there.

hugsIf you are like me, you have some wonderful low-maintenance folks who are always there that you can easily “take for granted”. It’s tragic that we wait until someone you love doesn’t know how much you value their relationship until they are gone. The epiphany of how important they are to you comes when it’s too late to tell them.

Look around as you move through your day, Is there someone who quietly benefits your life that you have become so used to their presence that you’ve neglected to tell them how valuable they are to you? Can you tell them today how much you are blessed because they are connected to you? Without being morbid, express some of what you would say at their funeral.

Someone who is always there for you needs to hear you tell them how much their relationship means to you. Friends and family who are always there will be blessed if you don’t take them “for granted” today. You will be blessed as well. Love is not love if it’s not expressed.

“If the stars only came out once a year, we would stay up all night to behold them.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson