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Don’t Forget to Enjoy the View

Today when I drove from the Inn back up to my house at The Pointe at Whitestone a couple was sitting in their car on the side of the road. Thinking it might be someone looking at one of the few lots remaining I stopped to ask if I could help.

The lady sitting in the passenger seat said they just wanted to come up here one more time – while she can still see. She has a rare disease that is causing her to lose her eyesight. She remembered me from her visits to the Inn and asked if they could just sit there for a while and soak in the view. She said it was the prettiest place she had ever been and wanted to remember it when she could no longer see. She was crying.

Of course, I told her to stay as long as she wanted. Her name is Kathy and she would like to be remembered in your prayers.

How much we take for granted! We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Look around you today and soak it in! Don’t forget to say thank you to the One who gives us all things.

– Paul



  1. You are so right. The Lord could have made a world with no color, no variety, no splendor. Instead He made beauty all around us even in the sky and water and thankfully east Tennessee is about the most beautiful place ever.

  2. As I sit on the porch of The Mallard room this bright, crisp August morning, I am so thankful and grateful to God for the beauty I am able to see at Whitestone. I am truly blessed and will use this beauty to inspire me during my “read-cation” this weekend. To God be the glory…and I pray what I read, learn, and understand will inspire me to be a better servant to Him. Thank you Whitestone for making this a perfect getaway weekend.

  3. How true!!! Live gratefully each day and sense the presence of the Most High! Amen…

  4. Dear Paul,
    Am grateful for your sharing this experience. I can only imagine the beautiful sight you experience each day at Whitestone. So glad this couple was able to be there and take it all in once again. May the memories linger as long as they have breath though the sight of Kathy may fail.

  5. Perhaps you should have offered her a free weekend at your wonderful Whitestone Inn so she could remember not only the view, but also how beautiful the inside of the Inn is. She would probably love staying in the Bluebird Room and “hunting” for bluebirds on the pillows and everywhere. I hope you got her address because it would be a gift you could easily give….a gift she would remember even when her sight was gone. Perhaps it’s not too late to contact her and really bless her with a weekend stay. I’ll be praying for Kathy. With God all things are possible and Jesus is the Healer.

  6. Paul, thank you for sharing this story and prayer request.

    I ask The Lord to imprint this view on this woman’s heart so she will always be able to remember, the sights and even the smells of what God created at Whitestone, and that it will bring her close to Him each and every time she remembers, as it has me.

    I too was so blessed the first time I came to Whitestone. This Sanctuary for the Soul so blessed me. My dream of a Bed & Breakfast type home to help pastor’s and missionaries gain their freedom from the strongholds in their lives was renewed as I heard your heart and ministry. I kept crying as I went to see the different lots and your plan thinking some day I could be part of this. Even when I tell my experience I choke up every time. I can’t even imagine heaven better than Whitestone.

    Paul & Jean, thank you for following God in creating this place.

  7. What a spot our Lord has reserved for Himself and His servants. Beauty supreme, hospitality
    unparalled, and the loveliness of Christ’s Lordship apparent everywhere. We love WhiteStone and it’s servant-hearted crew. Bud & Jane

  8. As I peered out the windows of the Blue Herron room, I praised my God for his beauty and serenity in the midst of this world. My husband and I were truly blessed by the presence of the Holy Spirit that was felt by the service of the servants of God. Paul could you give this wonderful couple my website? These products have proven restored eyesight!

  9. Paul and Jean were so wonderful to have us stay a weekend with them as we were learning how to run our B&B Angels Landing Inn in Murphy.
    They were so gracious in helping us and we are so very thankful.
    It is no wonder that Paul stopped to help this couple. May they know the grace and healing power of our almighty Savior. Prayers for Kathy.

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