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11 Ways to Arrive to the Whitestone Inn

When you think of a relaxing getaway, you probably think of arriving in the traditional way – by car or maybe airplane.

In all of the years since the Whitestone Country Inn has been open in beautiful East Tennessee, some of our guests have arrived in some pretty unique ways.

Here are some of the ways you can ARRIVE at Whitestone.

Being on the Watts Bar Lake has its advantages. Obviously, the views are gorgeous. The wildlife is amazing. And it means there are some great and creative ways to arrive at Whitestone.


A guest named Abram paddled the Tennessee River in a canoe! As he came past Whitestone, he stayed for the night. (Recently, he called Paul to tell him that he was paddling the Sierra Nevadas next!). Here’s his interview on his stop at Whitestone.


Float Plane

Early on in Whitestone’s career a guest landed their float plane on the lake and then docked it to stay overnight.


7 U.S. Army Generals – with 17 stars among them – take an annual trip together after having served together in various places throughout the world. They came by yacht and stayed for three days.

Recreational Trawler

As a group of people started the Great Loop, they met at Whitestone to kick off the trip with a great stay before they left.

Of course, with the beautiful drives in East Tennessee on the gently winding rodes and rolling hills, there are great ways to arrive to Whitestone Country Inn by land.


A couple from Knoxville decided to kick their night away up a notch by riding for four hours on a bicycle. After a hearty breakfast and a great night’s rest, they rode back the next day.


Six guests from Germany decided to fly from Munich to New York. There, they bought motorcycles and started a six week tour of the United States. Upon arriving at the Whitestone Country Inn, they donned the preferred bathing attire of European men and jumped right into the pool.


Nothing says ‘musician’ quite like traveling the country in a tour bus. Music artists have come to relax (and sometimes play!) and stay for the weekend. Don’t worry – we have plenty of room to park a bus!

Rolls Royce

If you have a Rolls Royce, you want to drive and travel in style. Whitestone Country Inn is on the Rolls Royce owners club list and a group of Texas owners decided to make their way up to East Tennessee.

[Other Owners’ Clubs have visited too! Porsches, Austin-Healeys, and Corvettes]

Antique Cars

And it’s not just Owners’ Clubs but also Antique Car Clubs, with one of the most memorable cars being a 1939 Ford. We love to work with you to set up a meal or stay for your group!

If not by land or by sea (well, lake) you can arrive by air, just like these guests!


A Knoxville businessman brought a Bell Ranger helicopter in for dinner. He was able to land it in the parking lot next to Farmhouse.


An Ultralight fixed-winged airplane brought in a guest for a special lunch. The horses aren’t exactly used to people arriving this way, of course, and got a little scared when he flew in.