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9 Tips to Have a Great Fall Wedding in East Tennessee


Fall in East Tennessee is absolutely delightful. From the great weather during the day, the cool temps at night making the leaves a dazzling color, to the range in elevations making the leaves a gorgeous back drop of art, Fall is an easy time to love here in East Tennessee.

So we get it – you want to get married when the beauty is every where around you. But you want to make sure you’ve covered all of your bases. No sweat! We’d love to help you with these tips for having a great Fall wedding.

Tips for Having a Great Fall Wedding in East Tennessee


1. Choose a venue with the best Fall colors.

If you’re going to get married in the Fall, then you want the colors to be a part of it. The reds, oranges, golds, ambers, browns, and yellows are an amazing palette from which to work for your wedding. Think rolling hills, horse drawn carriages, an option for an indoor or outdoor ceremony, and trees upon trees. Having a great Fall wedding is simple with a backdrop like that!

2. Choose flowers and colors that are a part of the Fall palette.

You can do so much with Fall flowers and colors. Embrace the Fall by having Fall flowers in your bouquets and boutonnieres. Consider a neutral color for bridesmaids and groomsmen – like beiges, ivories, pale pinks – to let the colors of Fall pop around everyone. Add a pop of color with bow ties or sashes. 

3. Choose a menu that tastes like Fall.

There’s a reason why people love Pumpkin-Spiced-Everything once Fall rolls around – it makes Fall come alive for another one of their senses. Play it up in your wedding menu with apples, pumpkins, squashes, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

4. Choose to do something a little different.

What about pumpkin and apple pies instead of a cake? Maybe cider and donuts? The best thing about weddings is adding touches that are all you. So pick out your favorite Fall things and incorporate them into the celebration. 

5. Choose a photographer who can capture the beauty all around you.

You get one shot at great wedding photos. So find a photographer who gets great shots that show the beauty of your love and natural beauty all around you. Have amazing photo memories of your great Fall wedding.

6. Choose a venue with a back up plan.

While the weather is almost always terrific during the Fall in East Tennessee, it does rain from time to time. Choose a venue that has an easy-to-change-to and beautiful indoor ceremony space in the case the weather wasn’t what you were hoping for.

7. Choose a venue with an experienced wedding planner.

We all need a little help getting the lay of the land and making sure we didn’t miss a thing. An on-site wedding coordinator will help you get all the vendors and extras you want and then will make sure your day runs absolutely smoothly. Peace of mind in a wedding planner.

8. Choose a venue that has accommodations.

The bridal party needs some place to get ready and get pampered. The out of town guests need a place to stay without having to worry about getting lost en route. And the bride and groom need a place to kick their new marriage off right. Everyone needs a delicious breakfast and to not have to worry about forgetting something back at the hotel. Venues with accommodations remove an element of stress.

9. Choose the Whitestone Country Inn.

Having a great Fall wedding, with rolling hills, pops of color at every turn, a delicious menu, an experienced wedding planner, great indoor and outdoor space, and more is easy when you choose the Whitestone Country Inn for your Fall wedding. We’ll walk with you each step of the way as you plan the wedding of your dreams and turn it into a reality. You can check out the weddings we’ve been honored to host.

And if you’re already married and wanting to renew your vows, Paul, our beloved Innkeeper and ordained minister, is happy to preform the vow renewal portion of your day free of charge. 

We hope you’ll come out and have a look around at our beautiful inn and start planning your special day!