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100th Anniversary of Mother’s Day

Anna Jarvis originated the concept of Mother’s Day in 1908 to honor her deceased mother. She had promoted the day to the extent that by 1914 Woodrow Wilson made the second Sunday in May a national holiday. Anna then spent the next 12 years vigorously opposing the commercialization of Mother’s

What Was I Thinking?!

“I know what I was feeling, but what was I thinking?” by Dierks Bentley. This country song tells of a country boy who said thinking wisely “crossed my mind a little too late.” A prayer I’ve prayed often is “God give me wisdom.” I don’t want to let emotions, fuzzy

Big Bad Billy and His Boat Starring Russell Crowe

    I took the two oldest grandchildren to see “God’s Not Dead.” It was sold out and the next show with seats available was a mega-hit ($44,000,000 in revenue last weekend) about a man who heard the “Creator” communicate with him about saving all animal species. The “Creator” wanted

What About Children & Family Reunions at a Bed and Breakfast?

    Do bed and breakfasts allow children to stay? Do bed and breakfasts host family reunions? There is no consistent policy among bed and breakfasts regarding these questions. Every property has its own regulations regarding who and what they accept at their inn. Children: There are bed and breakfasts

Do you have to stay 2 nights to come to Whitestone?

Do you have to stay two nights to come to Whitestone? Answer: No. That answer would make a short blog, so let me explain. It’s easier for housekeeping if a guest stays more than one night – less linenes, less cleaning, etc. By requiring a 2 night stay (some inns

You Should Not Set An “Alarm” Clock

    It’s amazing to me how we name things incorrectly! Like calling the instrument that makes an irritating, obnoxious noise and alerts  us to the start of our day an “alarm” clock. It just doesn’t see right to greet the new day “alarmed.” The psalmist, David, gives us a

Marriage Vow Renewal

    How many of you really knew what you were doing when you got married? It really doesn’t matter how long you knew each other before the wedding or how much you love each other now, most couples say there were lots of surprises in the years following the

Advice from a Bed and Breakfast

    I (Paul) hear a lot of good stories as the innkeeper at Whitestone Country Inn. This is one I will always remember. An elderly woman was informed by her doctor that she had stage 4 cancer and only had a few months to live. Her husband was dead

Just Trust Me

Used car salesmen sometimes have “trust issues.” I was sitting at a traffic light by a used car lot. Nice looking cars had prices painted on the windshields that were extremely low — $500, $600, $750, etc. But on closer observation in very small letters below  the prices was the

Give A Word Of Thanks

Whitestone Country Inn – East Tennessee Bed and Breakfast – Knoxville Tennessee A Traditional Thanksgiving The holidays are approaching and it’s will soon be time for traditions to begin. Some family friends have a great tradition that they put into practice at Thanksgiving dinner. They have the usual foods like