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Marriage Vow Renewal



paul-wedding-whitestoneHow many of you really knew what you were doing when you got married? It really doesn’t matter how long you knew each other before the wedding or how much you love each other now, most couples say there were lots of surprises in the years following the ceremony. I hope most of those surprises were wonderful.

Perhaps it’s even more significant for those that said, “I do,” the first time to renew their vows. To say, “I would marry you again,” is to say, “I know you so much better now than I did on our wedding day. Just as the mountains and valleys have not changed neither has my commitment to you. I want you to know that I would do it all over again.”

I renew marriage vows for dozens of couples every year (at no charge). Every year at Valentine’s Day couples are invited to come over to Whitestone’s chapel after dinner and renew their vows. If you are here on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (February 14, 15, 16) just let me know if you would like to say, “I would do it again.” In fact, we have a package we call, “I Would Do It Again,” that’s popular for couples’ anniversaries.

Many marriages fail in today’s stressful society. If your marriage has endured the test of time (and knowledge) it’s because you have “paid attention” to each other. This Valentine’s Day be sure that you find creative ways to say, “I love you and I’m glad God brought us together.” A good marriage should be celebrated.