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Do Bed and Breakfasts Have Private Baths?



jacuzzi-tub-whitestone-innOne of the most frequent questions at The Whitestone Country Inn is, “Do bed and breakfasts have private baths?” I was surprised that this was still an issue in people’s minds.

Certainly there was a time when many bed and breakfasts did have shared baths. But concerns about hygiene and communicable diseases (and convenience) have changed our willingness to “share” bathroom space. There are rare cases where small bed and breakfasts may have shared bathrooms. I would guess that more than 99% of American bed and breakfasts have recognized the modern traveler’s requirement for a bath “en suite” – a bathroom directly connected to the bedroom.

Most bed and breakfasts have gone well beyond the basic 5′ x 8′ standard bathrooms.

  • Spa tubs are common.
  • Rainforest showers are increasingly provided in the room.
  • Lots of counter space for guests toiletries are also given in the rooms.

bathroom-whitestone-innAt Whitestone Country Inn all 23 bedrooms have their own baths. In fact all have spa tubs. There are eight rooms that have 85 gallon per minute waterfall showers with a wall of programmable body jets. Three of those showers also have a steam option.

Certainly you should clarify the status of a bed and breakfast bath but unless it’s a very small inn or on the historic register you will almost always enjoy a great room with an “en suite” bath at a 21st century bed and breakfast.


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