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Elopements and Wedding in East Tennessee on Valentine’s Day



East Tennessee ElopementMany couples will come to East Tennessee on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, to be married. Tennessee does not require a waiting period. In fact, in some counties you can even apply for a marriage license on line and pick up the license at the court house, up to 30 days before the wedding.

Options for the wedding ceremony are pretty diverse this Valentine’s Day.

  • One East Tennessee church is offering a group ceremony for up to twenty couples at one time.
  • One chapel has an Elvis impersonator available to sing.
  • Another wedding venue is advertising a Las Vegas style drive-through wedding on Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to get out of your car! Different strokes for different folks.

Typically your wedding day is one of the most photographed, intense, thought-out, prepared for days in a couple’s life. I do understand elopements as an alternative to a big wedding. In fact we host lots of elopements here at Whitestone Country Inn. Marriage is a serious commitment. The ceremony deserves the time and dignity of a life-long covenant.

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you are married, invest some time and pay attention to the one you love. If you are getting married on Valentine’s weekend, approach that covenant with the resolution to make your marriage all that God in His divine wisdom intended.

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