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You Should Not Set An “Alarm” Clock



It’s amazing to me how we name things incorrectly! Like calling the instrument that makes an irritating, obnoxious noise and alerts  us to the start of our day an “alarm” clock. It just doesn’t see right to greet the new day “alarmed.”

The psalmist, David, gives us a better perspective in Psalm 118:24, “This is the day which the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

According to David and God each day should be viewed as an opportunity to celebrate and rejoice. An alarm sounds when there is an emergency. Adrenaline flows, tension rises and we prepare for fight or flight! “BRRRRRR!”

A better way to greet a new day would be to change the sound. Wake up to a pleasant sound – maybe music. But even more importantly, don’t think of the clock as an “alarm” clock. It’s an “opportunity” clock! Each day is a gift from above. It’s an opportunity to lighten the load of those less fortunate, an opportunity to be a friend, to do more than just cope, to overcome any obstacles, to move closer to an abundant life, and to rejoice and be glad.

So even if you can’t change to a less annoying sound to start your day, change your definition of the little machine to an “opportunity” clock. God’s mercies are new every morning. Each day is a fresh start; an opportunity to enjoy the blessings of a God-made day, to love and be loved, to overcome obstacles, and to “rejoice and be glad.”