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Just Trust Me

sale car trustUsed car salesmen sometimes have “trust issues.” I was sitting at a traffic light by a used car lot. Nice looking cars had prices painted on the windshields that were extremely low — $500, $600, $750, etc. But on closer observation in very small letters below  the prices was the word, “DOWN.” I wanted to stop and tell the car lot owner, “You’ve got a trust problem to begin with. Why would you deliberately start a relationship with obvious deception?”

Does it upset you when you get an “invoice” indicating you should pay a bill – however, it is really a solicitation to sell you something if you send in the money requested.

As consumers and citizens, we are lied to and deceived by established brands, government agencies and advertisers.

  • How much do you trust our government with the current promises being made?
  • Have you ever stayed in resorts or bed and breakfasts and wondered where their promotional pictures were taken?
  • What do you think of the current sports heroes with the latest scandals and illegal drug use?
  • What are your thoughts on the National Security Agency using technology to spy on us and listen to allies and enemy phone calls?

Research shows that most consumers say they only trust their family and friends (in that order). A large percentage of our first time guests come because someone they trusted recommended Whitestone as a great place to stay. Guest reviews on sites like TripAdvisor are usually a trustworthy source of information (with notable exceptions). Having been awarded the AAA 4-Diamond award for every year since we opened is also a trust builder. This year the travel writers at Southern Living selected Whitestone to be a charter member of the Southern Living Hotel Collection.

Ask your family and friends about Whitestone. If they have not been here, check out our 5-star rating from over 215 TripAdvisor reviews. Look at our AAA 4-Diamond status (only 10 in Tennessee). Maybe the endorsement from Southern Living would convince you that Whitestone is a special place.

If none of this convinces you, I can tell you that Whitestone is a nice place. I think you would enjoy a visit to our “Sanctuary for the Soul.”

Just trust me!
-Paul Cowell