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Give the Gift of East Tennessee

The holiday season is firmly upon us in East Tennessee, and many shoppers are hurriedly searching for deals and crossing items of their extensive Christmas lists. The holiday season can be a wonderful time of year; it’s a season of magic, a time of joy, of family, of tradition, and of connectedness. It’s a time to show our love and gratitude to those closest to us in a simple way; by the act of giving a gift. Gifts can come in all shapes and sizes, from the simple to the extravagant.

But there is perhaps no greater gift to give than the ability to help another, or to impact a life. Do you know someone in your life that would benefit from a relaxing retreat in the quiet East Tennessee country? Do you know someone that has struggled through a particularly difficult time lately, who would benefit from such an act of kindness?

Or do you know someone who loves quiet escapes into the country, away from the pressures of the modern society we live in?  If you can think of someone that may benefit from a weekend nestled into the serene East Tennessee countryside, or if you want to surprise a loved one with a romantic escape, then consider buying a gift certificate for a stay at Whitestone Country Inn.

East Tennessee Retreat

When you stay with us at Whitestone Country Inn, a charming New England Style Inn in East Tennessee, you will experience a relaxing retreat like no other. Surrounded by 360 secluded acres, and 39,000 acres of the calm waters of Watts Bar Lake, Whitestone Country Inn is a true “sanctuary for the soul”.

While here, take the time to relax and enjoy the scenic vistas that surround you. Visit the horses and Scottish Highland cattle grazing in the sloping hills and pastures that surround the Inn;  watch the grace and beauty of the Herons as they glide across water; delight in the wildlife as they come and go; walk in solitude through the 8 miles of walking and hiking trails on the property; or hit the lake in a Kayak, canoe, or paddle boat and explore the gorgeous shoreline.

Breathe the quiet country air, spend time in quiet contemplation, and let the time gifted you do its relaxing work.  For the ultimate experience, let us melt all your stress away at Whitestone Day Spa & Salon’s facilities.

Let us do the work while you spend your time relaxing, regrouping, and refocusing yourself.

A little time spent in a peaceful and relaxing setting can do wonders for the human spirit, and can dramatically improve the negative impacts stress can have on daily living. So, this holiday season, please consider giving the ultimate in gifts:  Give the gift of time and relaxation to someone you find deserving. Let Whitestone Country Inn help you; you’ll be glad you did.