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Good Communication

How we communicate with others is foundational to success in business and in personal relationships. I led a sseminar last weekend here at Whitestone on Successful Communication. Here is a note from one of the attendees. “The seminar was both challenging and useful in our marriage and in our interactions with colleagues in business. I understood for the first time why some of my methods of communicating have prevented rather than facilitated problem resolutions, and how applying simple principles could¬†open up effective, non-threatening dialogues. Paul’s shared insights and skills have proven to make communication easier and more productive than I imagined. My only disappointment was that the seminar did not last longer.” VB

As important as communication skills are to our success, it’s amazing that we assume those skills are just naturally present. Invaluable communication principles can be learned as surely as following a recipe to make chicken soup. I will repeat the seminar in March. In the meantime read Crucial Conversations by Patterson, Grenny, McMillian and Switzer.