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Things to Do Watts Bar Lake

11 Ways to Arrive to the Whitestone Inn

When you think of a relaxing getaway, you probably think of arriving in the traditional way – by car or maybe airplane. In all of the years since the Whitestone Country Inn has been open in beautiful East Tennessee, some of our guests have arrived

Photos of Ice Storm and Bald Eagle at Whitestone

In February an ice storm came through East Tennessee and coated everything here at the Whitestone Inn in ice. Tonya Damron Photography captured some amazing shots of what the storm left behind this morning. Check it out and we’ll update as we get more photos. Bald

Embark on an East Tennessee Fishing Trip

We are finally just around the corner from another glorious spring here in East Tennessee, which means it’s a great time of year to start planning those exciting outdoor adventures again.  There are so many things to do in East Tennessee, making your options for

Memories of My Father

Delbert Cowell 1910 – 1999 The first 15 years of my dad’s life was very difficult. His parents were share-croppers near Camden, Tennessee. They had 7 children living in a small home with very limited resources. When Dad was 8, his mother died. A step-mother

Home-A Powerful Word

Many adults never feel like they belong anywhere like they did in their childhood home. Usually going back to the place of childhood memories does not workout either…we are disappointed. I went back to our family farm on the old Pinson Rd, four miles from


More and more leisure travel involves “multigenerational” travel. That’s a complicated way to say parents are traveling with children and grandparents are taking trips with grandchildren. As a grandfather with 5 wonderful, exceptional, etc, etc grandchildren who live here on the Whitestone property, I am

Paralysis by Analysis

The Centipede was happy quite, Until a toad in fun Said, “Pray which leg goes after which?” Which worked his mind to such a pitch He lay disquieted in a ditch Considering how to run! -Anonymous Sometimes you just need to act. I read a

Today is New

The wind shook me awake from a dream that I could not remember. It was violent. The wind I mean, not the dream, or maybe the dream was too. I still cannot remember, but the dream is not important anyway. I lay there half-awake, like

Hospitality Near and Far

“Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.” – C.S. Lewis There is a new wave of energy flowing throughout Whitestone. Its source: the Christian Hospitality Network banquet. Since the year 2003, not only has the

The Love Factor

If  you define love as certain feelings or a special set of emotions, then wedding vows to love each other are not very significant. Feelings and emotions come and go, and if the stability of a relationship depends on the fickleness of how we feel,