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Things to Do Watts Bar Lake

For Whom The Bell Tolls

One of my best friends died today. I have been friends with Morris Bagwell since 1961. Fifty years! We went on long motorcycle trips, co-pastored a church for several years, tried to sort out theological perplexities (we usually agreed), ate a lot of Mexican food

Bed and breakfasts verses hotels

I stayed in a nice chain hotel for a conference recently. The hotel experience reminded me of all the reason to stay in a B and  B or a country inn rather than a chain hotel. A small bottle of water sitting on the desk

Making a difference in other’s lives

Something deep inside all of us wants to “make the world a better place”. We like how we feel when we have helped another person with a problem or just enabled them to enjoy something they might have missed without us. We want our lives to

Expections Blind Us

I came by the Farmhouse as two of our ladies helping decorate for Christmas were packing things instead of unpacking. “You have to send this back.” I stopped to see what the problem was. ” We were shipped the wrong letters. This is not right!”

An Unusual Request

As a couple checked out this morning I was in the School House and saw them whispering and looking at me. They had been here several times before and we had visited at the breakfast table earlier. Thinking that they obviously had something to say


AM I A FAILURE? I have attempted a lot of things in my life. Fortunately a majority of those attempts achieved some success. But to be honest, some things just did not work out. When you are in the middle of one of those unsuccessful

Last visit to Whitestone

I just received an email  that started like this: “After spending several anniversaries at Whitestone Country Inn I wanted to tell you that September 2nd  (our 55th anniversary) was our last visit and we will not be returning.”  Since return guests are so important to us,

Sand Hill Cranes Hiwassee Refuge

Every afternoon the sand hill cranes can be seen and heard as they head back to the Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge down river from Whitestonr Country Inn. Approximately 10,000 sand hill cranes and a few whooping cranes migrate and spend January and Feburary in this refuge


The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1676. But Abraham Lincoln issued a presidential proclamation in the midst of the civil war in 1864. It is a reminder of how central God was to Lincoln’s thought processes. And a reminder of how far our government has

Good Communication

How we communicate with others is foundational to success in business and in personal relationships. I led a sseminar last weekend here at Whitestone on Successful Communication. Here is a note from one of the attendees. “The seminar was both challenging and useful in our