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Last visit to Whitestone

I just received an email  that started like this: “After spending several anniversaries at Whitestone Country Inn I wanted to tell you that September 2nd  (our 55th anniversary) was our last visit and we will not be returning.”  Since return guests are so important to us, I was immediately concerned. What had we done to destroy the loyalty of a regular guest? With hesitancy I read the next paragraph. “Only 5 weeks after our wonderful time at the inn John had a massive stroke and has gone on to be with the Lord. The wonderful memories of our time there would make it too painful to return without him. Maybe sometime in the distance future I  will want to come any remember our special place and special time with you. Have a blessed Christmas and keep serving up the best in hospitality.   Joyce”

My anniversary is also on Sept 2nd and I remembered this wonderful couple’s last visit. I was sorry to hear of John’s graduation to the other side but relieved to know their absence was not a failure to meet guests’ needs.  I responded with our sympathy and a heart-felt appreciation for Joyce’s email. Maybe the pain will diminish with time and she will return to relish the memories of their special times at Whitestone.    Paul