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Expections Blind Us

I came by the Farmhouse as two of our ladies helping decorate for Christmas were packing things instead of unpacking. “You have to send this back.”

I stopped to see what the problem was. ” We were shipped the wrong letters. This is not right!” I said “What’s wrong?”. The ladies spread out 4 beautiful 8″ decorative alphebet letters. “Look! they shipped the wrong letter”. O E L V ” They gave us a V instead of an N. Ship them all back. This doesn’t spell NOEL!”
I looked at the letters spread out on the table. “This doesn’t spell NOEL but it does spell LOVE. Let’s keep them.”
I guess when you are decorating for Christmas, Noel is to be expected.

The ladies were a little embarassed that they had jumped to an logical but eroneous conclusion. But I explained that there really is not much difference between “Noel” and “Love”. Certainly the meaning is the same. “God so LOVED the world…” That First Noel!

May God’s love reign in your heart every day.