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Things to Do Watts Bar Lake

The Urgency of Rest by Paul Cowell

“Sometimes the most urgent thing you can do is get away and rest.” -Ashleigh Brilliant.  How do you measure the value of finding “sanctuary for the soul”?  What paradigm shift occurs when you find time to step aside to think?  I received a letter this

purpose, goals and plans

In 1963 I started making notes about a resort where people could find peace and truly escape the stress of everyday life. I was clear even then about the transformational aspects of a “sanctuary for the soul”. ” Don’t just get away but leave having

Cherohala Skyway

Autumn is such a wonderful time of year in East Tennessee. In fact the two most visited states for fall foliage are Tennessee and Virginia. I assumed New England and specifically Vermont would top the list. Albert Camus said, “Autumn is a second spring where

The Honor of Being Chosen

When I realize how many guests come to Whitestone for their celebrations of important life events, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, “our only time away this year,” I feel especially honored. The economy is down and spending has to be thoughtful. Yet our guests continue to return

A Christmas Evening With C. S. Lewis

David Payne has traveled the world for several years doing a marveleous one man show impersonating C S Lewis. He has performed twice to rave reviews at Whitestone in years past. On Dec. 14th and Dec 16th he will be presenting a new version entitled

Missing and Rebounding

Basketball coaches usually emphasis rebounding. More often than not,the team who out rebounds the other team wins. To get a rebound means somebody missed the shot.Offensive rebounds gives you another chance. Rebounding is the source of much success in life as well as in basketball.

The Power of Goal Setting

When I was 22 years old at a resort in the southern Adirondack Mountains, I made the first notes on opening a resort in Tennessee. Menus were planned (you know I would focus on food)–rooms were laid out—recreation activities were listed –and property requirements were

The Effect Of A Smile

Research by Barbara Fredrickson discovered that insincere “social” smiles have a negative impact on our bodies. The test group was hooked up to sensitive monitoring equipment. They were then placed in casual social circumstances with strangers. When an insincere social smile was received, the monitoring

Fear and 24 hour cable news

Fortunately the slow-down in the economy is not effecting our occupancy at Whitestone Country Inn.We use the tag line “sanctuary for the soul” to describe what we hope our guests will experience when they come. Guests often comment on the stress, concerns andpressures they are

Whitestone golf “course”

There are three great golf coursrs within 30 minutes of Whitestone Country Inn. Whitestone now has its own golf experience.A small green is anchored in the pond behind the Farmhouse.There are 3 tees; 50 yards, 75 yards and 110 yards. you can hit floating golf