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Missing and Rebounding

Basketball coaches usually emphasis rebounding. More often than not,the team who out rebounds the other team wins. To get a rebound means somebody missed the shot.Offensive rebounds gives you another chance.
Rebounding is the source of much success in life as well as in basketball. If the basketball player shoots and misses and throws his hands up in dispair and frustration, he won’t stay in the game very long. Rebounding your own missed shot is essential to winning in basketball and in life.
You are going to miss whatever you are aiming at sometimes. How you respond to those misses make all the difference. The winners in life try even harder after their misses. Often when you hustle and get your own missed shot in basketball, it’s a great opportunity for a 3 point play.
The only way to not miss is to not shoot. If you don’t make it the first time, get your rebound and try again. Rebounding is the key to success. How do you handle your misses?

Abraham Lincoln “I care not that you have fallen. I care that you arise”