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purpose, goals and plans

In 1963 I started making notes about a resort where people could find peace and truly escape the stress of everyday life. I was clear even then about the transformational aspects of a “sanctuary for the soul”. ” Don’t just get away but leave having been changed in some positive way.” I was challenged at a seminar a few years later to distinguish between PURPOSES, GOALS and PLANS. Many people satisfy themselves by having a significant purpose. But if a worthy but nebulous purpose is not eventually moved to a measurable goal it’s of little value. And if a measurable goal is not expressed by specific incremental plans, dreams and visions die for a lack of action.
Don’t decieve yourself by thinking that a lofty purpose defines your success. When purpose becomes a goal and a measurable goal becomes a plan with specific incremental steps you will achieve the fulfillment of the dream.
Whitestone Country Inn turned out even better that I purposed. The dream became reality.