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An Unusual Request

As a couple checked out this morning I was in the School House and saw them whispering and looking at me. They had been here several times before and we had visited at the breakfast table earlier. Thinking that they obviously had something to say and wanting to be sure we hadn’t missed something while they were here I approached them.
“Were you wanting to talk to me?”
“Yes but we don’t know how to say this. We don’t want to upset you” she shyly said.
“I’m not easily upset. Tell me what we need to talk about?”
She hesitantly started. “We have been here at Whitestone a number of times. We’ve come to celebrate good things and to get prepared to face difficult times. But we have always found peace here and gotten in touch with God.”
With that said she rushed to a conclusion. “When we die we are going to be cremated and we want our ashes scattered here at Whitestone.” I assured them that their request was a real compliment to Whitestone and they certainly could have their ashes scattered in the park.
This is the second time I have been asked about this. An executive from a company that does corporate off-site meeting here died and his widow came after his death and said he had requested she come on a beautiful Sunday and scatter his ashes here. It’s an unusual request but I guess it’s a tribute to the Peace you can experience when you come.