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More and more leisure travel involves “multigenerational” travel. That’s a complicated way to say parents are traveling with children and grandparents are taking trips with grandchildren. As a grandfather with 5 wonderful, exceptional, etc, etc grandchildren who live here on the Whitestone property, I am very aware of the joy of time with them. 

It’s easy to commit to giving the grandchildren plenty of time and input as they face the intense challenges of growing up in the 21st century. The lack of morals and deteriorating values children are exposed to today is a cause of great concern. Fifty years ago I didn’t know anybody who used drugs and “pornography” was the underwear section of the Sears catalogue. 

Recent Statistics:

Children with a strong relationship with a grandparent are 46% less likely to use illegal drugs, 27% less likely to use alcohol, 52% less likely to skip school. 

The grandparent/grandchild relationship is second only to the parent/child relationship in emotional importance. Ninety percent of adults who had living grandparents when they were growing up said those grandparents influenced their behavior and adult values. 

All authorities agree that grandparents are strong role models and are extremely important to children’s overall developmental needs. In a major study of teenagers, 90% said their grandparents were “not too old-fashioned or out of touch with modern culture to relate to them”. As my 5 grandchildren get older (ages 4 – 13) I am making myself even more available in order to have input and influence in their lives. 

Dakota is now 13. I took him on an overnight trip to the Space Museum in Huntsville Alabama. I kept telling him that soon he would think he knew more than me, but he would be wrong because “I know everything”. Every time I could answer a question driving down or in the museum I would conclude by saying, “See! I know everything and don’t you forget it”. I lost quite a bit of ground when I couldn’t figure out where I parked the car. Dakota is still enjoying that. 

Spend quality time with your grandchildren (or children). Whitestone Country Inn is a wonderful place to come with kids. Activities include canoeing, paddleboats, tennis, pool & ping pong tables, corn hole, horseshoes, hiking, fishing, (2 stocked ponds). Bring a significant movie with a message you want to convey. Each room has a flat screen TV and a DVD player. 

East Tennessee has many wonderful attractions and Whitestone Country Inn is convenient to them all. Check out our NEW grandparents/grandchildren package!