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Is This Paradise?

Our founding fathers declared that we have the right to “the pursuit of happiness”.And pursue we do! We have DNA left over from Eden that pushes us toward Heaven on earth. Advertising promises happiness from cereal to cars to clothes.

Universities have crowded classes teaching “the psychology of happiness”. The danger is that the extreme pursuit of happiness can disconnect us from reality. We can’t ignore the normal feelings of sadness or even guilt that would cause us to re-think improper actions.

Spencer defined the highest level of intelligence as having the most interaction ( he said ‘correspondance’) with one’s environment.The lower the interaction (a rock), the less intelligence. A dog moves intelligence up a few notches. Humans should have the highest level of correspondance with their surroundings.

But if we insist on trying to make life more than it can be (e.g. paradise) we must either disconnect from truth and reality or become angry because of perceived unfairness. Life is best lived when we acknowledge that this is a journey, not the destination. Realistic interaction with our environment enjoys the good and copes with the bad.  Let it be the best it can be. If you try to make it perfect  you either live in denial of reality or become frustrated and angry.

Any philosophy or “theology” that over promises does not improve the enjoyment of life.Always move toward the best- toward improving you surroundings. But don’t destroy the good by demanding that life be more than it can be. Pursue happiness (Come to Whitestone!) but stay in touch with reality.Don’t believe the lie that this is paradise. Paradise awaits! Until then-relish everything good that comes your way, always remembering that you are not home yet.