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You Should Not Set An “Alarm” Clock

    It’s amazing to me how we name things incorrectly! Like calling the instrument that makes an irritating, obnoxious noise and alerts  us to the start of our day an “alarm” clock. It just doesn’t see right to greet the new day “alarmed.” The

Marriage Vow Renewal

    How many of you really knew what you were doing when you got married? It really doesn’t matter how long you knew each other before the wedding or how much you love each other now, most couples say there were lots of surprises

Do Bed and Breakfasts Have Private Baths?

One of the most frequent questions at The Whitestone Country Inn is, “Do bed and breakfasts have private baths?” I was surprised that this was still an issue in people’s minds. Certainly there was a time when many bed and breakfasts did have shared baths.

Creating the Best Vacation with Your Grandkids

    The word “grand” comes from the Latin “grandis,” meaning of large size or extent. When applied to the word parent, it’s little wonder that grandparents – be they grandma and grandpa, memaw and pepaw, or mom-mom and pop-pop – are considered a vital

Advice from a Bed and Breakfast

    I (Paul) hear a lot of good stories as the innkeeper at Whitestone Country Inn. This is one I will always remember. An elderly woman was informed by her doctor that she had stage 4 cancer and only had a few months to

Showing Pastor Appreciation All Year Long

  The month of October saw a great wave of appreciation flow out to Pastor’s worldwide and for good reason. The job of a pastor is tough stuff and it’s incredibly important. In fact, the job of a Pastor is consistently identified as one of

Give A Word Of Thanks

Whitestone Country Inn – East Tennessee Bed and Breakfast – Knoxville Tennessee A Traditional Thanksgiving The holidays are approaching and it’s will soon be time for traditions to begin. Some family friends have a great tradition that they put into practice at Thanksgiving dinner. They

Christmas in July 2013

  Class Leaders: Jeff Carroll: Tennessee Wholesale Floral Supply Phyllis Craft: Whitestone Country Inn staff Margie Fink: Whitestone Country Inn Events staff Melanie Nordstrom: Life Church Knoxville Tonja Page: Whitestone Country Inn Events staff Event Details The Whitestone Inn 2013 Christmas in July event was a huge success