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Whitestone is Better Than the Laundry Room

By: Valerie Bryant Bennett Sitting On The Dryer Many people equate solitude with loneliness, and loneliness is rarely something we seek. Solitude is very different. It implies being alone, but not being lonely. I read once that no great creative work in art, poetry or

The Difference Between “Cheap” and “Value”

By: Paul Cowell “Cheap” is seldom valuable!  Being the cheapest is quick and easy.  It does not require creativity.  But it is often not valuable.  The challenge in any business is finding the balance between price and value—e.g. what are you charging?  What are you

Your Words are Not Enough!

By: Paul Cowell Actual words are only 8% of communication. That is the conclusion of a recent study released by a business review journal. The communication connection as we receive it is 57% non verbal; (facial expression, body language) 37% tone; and only 8% is

Automation, Computers, Self-Service

It seems that today there is an app for everything. Computers, phones, traffic and security cameras, preform function that humans once did. I get voice directions for a voice on my phone or OnStar. I ask Google questions about almost anything. Siri and I are

100th Anniversary of Mother’s Day

Anna Jarvis originated the concept of Mother’s Day in 1908 to honor her deceased mother. She had promoted the day to the extent that by 1914 Woodrow Wilson made the second Sunday in May a national holiday. Anna then spent the next 12 years vigorously

Big Bad Billy and His Boat Starring Russell Crowe

    I took the two oldest grandchildren to see “God’s Not Dead.” It was sold out and the next show with seats available was a mega-hit ($44,000,000 in revenue last weekend) about a man who heard the “Creator” communicate with him about saving all

Is It Expensive To Go To Whitestone Country Inn?

    Cheap or expensive is relative to the reason you came. The cost is relative. Examples: If you are driving from Michigan to Florida and you need a place to sleep from 11pm to 7am, Whitestone is expensive. Maybe you and your spouse have