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Your Words are Not Enough!


By: Paul Cowell

Actual words are only 8% of communication.

That is the conclusion of a recent study released by a business review journal. The communication connection as we receive it is 57% non verbal; (facial expression, body language) 37% tone; and only 8% is the actual words used.

Just look at the words “Whats wrong with you”.

  1. A look of concern, and arm around your shoulder or a tender tone.
  2. A scowl, arms folded across your chest or hands and hips, an accusatory tone, the words are not a question but a judgmental statement.

Regardless of the actual percentages, this extensive study shows the importance of face to face. Some of the frustration in the world today stems from misunderstood communication. Emails, texts, even phone calls and GoTo Meeting restricts communication to a much smaller percentage than 100%.

Off site meetings and face to face talks are vital to insure clarity and understanding. Whether its agreed upon vision statements, strategic planning for the new year, or a couple agreeing upon their plans and goals for 2015, its critical that important communication be face to face.

Whitestone is a great place to meet and really connect. To talk until there is mutual understanding and consensus agreement. Words by themselves are not enough!

View our conference facility to begin planning your off site meeting or retreat.

photo by: John Fife