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Do I Have To Eat With Other Guests When I Go To A Bed And Breakfast?



A recent survey showed that one of the top reasons people don’t come to a bed and breakfast is that they don’t want to eat at a common commutable table. Certainly there are people who enjoy meeting new folks. They would be very comfortable sharing a table at a bed and breakfast. There are many stories about friendships formed around food tables at bed and breakfasts, cruises, etc.

But a higher percentage of inn goers come to de-stress and relax. They would rather eat with their spouse. At Whitestone couples will sometimes talk to other couples at dinner and enjoy the interaction. They can request to be seated together at breakfast. But most of our guests prefer to spend their time catching up on each other.

After all, Whitestone was just voted “One of the 10 Most Romantic Inns in America” by America’s Historic Inns. Come and strengthen your relationship with the one you love.