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A Grandparent’s Story for Grandparents’ Day




I (Paul Cowell) have 5 grandchildren from ages 6 to 16 that I get to see almost everyday. My son, Kevin, and his wife, Vicki, work with us at Whitestone and live next door. Maybe the greatest sacrifice folks who work overseas make is the absence of multiple generation families. Certainly one of my greatest blessings is that I am involved in the grandchildren’s daily life.

Before they came I did not understand the intensity of the love for grandchildren. But now I show pictures to strangers – sure that they want to see how special my grandchildren are.

It could be ver disheartening to come to Whitestone and realize how advanced and good-looking my grandchildren are compared to yours. For that reason I don’t let them come to the inn very often because I want your visit to be uplifting – not a downer!!

– Paul Cowell, Innkeeper

Happy Grandparents’ Day – September 8.

Whitestone does have a wonderful Grandparents’ Package available on our website. I hope you will come and celebrate at Whitestone. I will try to keep the grandkids out of sight but I will be happy to show you their pictures!

September 2013 Contest for Grandparents’ Day

  • Answer the question – “What is the best memory you have with a grandparent or as a grandparent?”
  • Submit answer in the comment box below
  • Include your Email address with your answer so we can contact the winner
  • Entries will be accepted through the end of September 2013
  • A random winner will be selected on October 1 and announced on our Facebook page
  • Winner will receive 1 FREE night at Whitestone Country Inn during 2013