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A Grandparent’s Story for Grandparents’ Day

    I (Paul Cowell) have 5 grandchildren from ages 6 to 16 that I get to see almost everyday. My son, Kevin, and his wife, Vicki, work with us at Whitestone and live next door. Maybe the greatest sacrifice folks who work overseas make is the absence of multiple

A Romantic Honeymoon that was Years in the Making…

Our Story Begins… Gregory and Linda Cynova dated through high school in Junction City, Kansas. They were 22 when they parted ways. Both were school teachers and Gregory became a pastor for 19 years. Some Time Later… Forty-four years later after Gregory’s wife had past away, he started a search

Little Orphan Annie Meets the Cleavers

Many of us remember the classic movie “Annie.” We’ve recently introduced our kids to this classic musical, and they loved it! It’s one of those movies that as adopted children, they can relate to, which just like children’s books, are hard to find. You know the newer classic books like,