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The Reason for the Drive-Thru Barn at Whitestone

Entrance Barn - Whitestone I (Paul) was intrigued with the image of the cities of refuge in ancient Hebrew society. Six cities were designated as a place of refuge. Once you got inside the gates you were safe from the problems and potential attackers on the outside.

So in the master planning for Whitestone, I wanted a distinctive entrance that separated our guests from their concerns of daily life and the peacefulness of our Tennessee resort. I wanted Whitestone to function as “A Sanctuary for the Soul.” “Sanctuary” means, “set apart for a special purpose.”

The specific purpose that Whitestone serves is to provide a place of safety, comfort, and rest.

Entrance Barn - Whitestone Inn - Tennessee resort

Whitestone already had the advantage of being on a dead-end road in a wildlife/waterfowl refuge on an undeveloped section of the Tennessee River. It just seemed logical that an appropriate and distinctive entrance illustrate further separation from the outside world. (I thought about a covered bridge but there was no creek.)

So many guests have expressed the peace they feel as they pass through the barn. Once you’re here you can mentally escape the world outside and refocus –not on coping with the urgent – but seeing what is really important. There is the deepest part of all of us that needs to find that “Sanctuary for the Soul.” Come out and drive through the barn and experience the refuge of this special place.

-Paul Cowell, Innkeeper

Lion and the Lamb banquet hall - Whitestone Inn - Tennessee resortsChapel - Whitestone Inn - Tennessee

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