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Whitestone Inn – A Young Boy’s Perspective



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A young guest said, “Mr. Paul, Whitestone is a 2nd class place!”

His parents immediately turned to their eight year old son with embarrassment.

“Logan! Why would you say that?!”

Logan reaffirmed his assessment with enthusiasm, “This is really second class!”

Several terse minutes later, we discovered the reason for his perspective. On the way to Whitestone Logan’s parents had told him that Whitestone was a very nice place. In fact they told him, “Whitestone is a first class place.”

On arrival Logan looked around and was impressed. He thought Whitestone was even better than his parents had told him. Where do you go from “first class?” Certainly not to “zero class!” In his young mind if Whitestone was better than “first class,” it must be “second class!”

I’m glad we talked that through.

-Paul Cowell – Innkeeper of Whitestone Country Inn near Knoxville, TN

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