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The Impact of a Veteran

In anticipation of Veterans Day on November 11 we’re sponsoring a contest that nominates worthy Veterans of the United States military. Click here to nominate your veteran for a free room.

flag_veterans_day_2014smThe impact of a Veteran’s life

While the entries have been pouring in over the month of October we’ve been humbled by the numerous stories of how each veteran has impacted those around them in significant ways. Below we’ve shared a few of those stories.


“This 90+ year old veteran is a great example of a person who loves their country and the people in it. He still is doing things for others as he has done his entire life. He always puts the needs and wishes of others before himself. He served in World War 2 and is proud to be a veteran.”


“He has a great sense of love and duty to our country. He firmly believes that serving in the military teaches a service member a deep respect and love for country that a non service member will never know. He considers service members a backbone of fidelity to our country.”


“He is always keeping our active service men and women before us, and works at keeping in touch with them. He also volunteers in many of our volunteer ministries at church, and I believe he does this, in part, to express his gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy in this nation.”


“She has a deep love for his country and love for God.”


“No matter what he ALWAYS stands by his country. He had sacrificed his life for us but at the same time he is very modest and he said he doesn’t want to be looked at as someone that did these great things. He says… I was just doing my job. I feel that’s very humbling for someone who has served and looks at it from a different view than us citizens. He was in the Gulf War and he was proud to have been there to serve our country and protect his fellow soldiers. I think he would be very surprised to be acknowledged for his efforts in which he served. Thank you for this opportunity to acknowledge him.”


“He is my brother, and his life has impacted my Christian walk in incredible ways. He has taught me so much about the love and grace of Jesus. I praise God for protecting through the Vietnam War and bringing him back to help draw me closer to Jesus. He is my brother in the flesh and in Christ.”


“He was a marine that was deployed overseas to Afghanistan a few years ago. The marines changed his life. He met the Lord through his time while he was serving overseas. Today, he impacts our family and everyone around him for Christ. In this way and many others he still serves our Country even today as a veteran.”


“He has shown courage in the face of war for 3 deployments. Faced the after effect of that sacrifice and worked through PTSD. He has celebrated most of his wedding anniversaries away from his sweet wife. Through it all he has continued to love his grade school sweetheart, serve his country and grow closer to God. He isn’t just my hero….he’s my son. And yes, I am proud of my boy.”


“He has been a rock for me my entire life. The perfect leader for our family.”


“He married a woman with several children, adopted them and raised them as his own. His wife was sickly and spent a lot of time in bed. He retired from the service and then retired from another career while raising the children and taking care of the house. His own health is not good but he found time to attend a Veteran’s Day program for my grandson who is no relation of his. He has given so much of himself to others, I just think he deserves to enjoy the peace of your Tennessee bed and breakfast.”


“After serving his country for almost 10 years in the US Navy, he is now going to Africa to help open a new hospital. He could have stayed in the USA and gotten a good paying job, but instead is continuing to serve others.”


“He gave up much during the Vietnam war era. Unfortunately, he has developed numerous health problems due to exposure to harmful chemicals during his term of service. I think this would be a wonderful way to honor all that he did to serve his country.”


“He has inspired me to view our military in a new light. His dedication , honor and integrity are more than I have ever found in the business world, He is my inspiration!”


On Veterans Day (November 11, 2014) let’s remember the wonderful gift of freedom we’ve been given by each and every one of our Veterans and the impact of their lives on each of us.

How has a Veteran impacted your life?

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