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Slow Food or Fast Food

A casualty of our modern pace of living is the way we often eat dinner (supper). We live with so much pressure on our time and emotions that the evening meal is often compressed and fragmented. In more relaxed times, the basic elements of most meals included a sense of unity and presence and intimacy.

We sat down at a table. We ate food that was tasteful. Even a sense of ritual was present.

“Fast food” is a metaphor that describes almost everything connected with our meals. Preparation time is hurried. Seeds are genetically modified and intense taste is sacrificed. Once planted the harvest is rushed along by artificial fertilizers and heavily coated with strong chemicals.

At Whitestone dinner is not “fast food”. Intentionally our 5 course dinner takes a while. We serve farm to table as much as possible. Flavors are…well…flavorful! Easy listening music is loud enough to cover conversations from adjoining tables – but not so loud that you can’t talk intimately at your table.

The food is not exotic or gourmet. You will know what you are eating. As an alternative to “fast food” come join us for a return to a slower more peaceful time. Not too fancy but good food is a pleasant atmosphere.

Y’all come.


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