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Our Groceries are Shrinking!


Been to the grocery store lately? I noticed last night that my tuna recipe called for a 6-7 oz. can of tuna, and my can was only 5 oz.. I also noticed at breakfast today that apparently factories are hiring large people to sit on our cereal boxes, thus rendering them flatter and lighter than before. I even noted at lunch that the bottoms of my peanut butter and jam jars are distortedly concave so that they appear to hold 12 ounces, but actually hold 10. While costs have remained constant, our entire array of available food products seems to be shrinking to a size only appropriate for Munchkin City.

I find this whole scenario frightening. There seem to be no product manufacturers who have not jumped into this happy conga line of greed.  We’ve endured job loss, increases in health care costs, and new airline charges for carrying on a copy of War and Peace, and now our groceries have all shrunk? Soon I expect farmers try to talk God into shrinking our produce.


I think this situation has boosted my appreciation for Whitestone. In all the years I’ve been a guest, the quality and quantity of service, amenities, and surroundings have never been compromised. There is still a warm fire burning in the Farmhouse fireplace, and homemade cookies in the jar in the kitchen.

Meals are generous, and expertly prepared. Each room still has its own charming and colorful theme, and the thick towels are even folded artistically! The grounds are meticulously landscaped (and God still makes sunrises and sunsets over Watts Bar Lake breathtakingly beautiful). While I may be short on tuna and jam, Whitestone remains my one increasingly delightful investment.

by: Valerie Bryant Bennett

photo by: Matt MacGillivray