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Carriage Rides at Whitestone Country Inn


For 15 years beautiful horses have pulled our white carriage on tours around Whitestone Country Inn. They deliver brides to the chapel. Sometimes the brides exit the chapel or the heart-shaped gas-lit marble courtyard in the carriage.

Several times every week couples choose a romantic 30 minute carriage ride around the property. It’s a great anniversary extra! Today Michael & Valerie Stephens enjoyed a carriage ride to celebrate their 12th anniversary. Michael asked Valerie to marry him in that same carriage (different horse) in 2000.

The horses’ names are “Mama” and “Puppy.” Mama, the big black Percheron, is the mother of the big red mare – hence the name “Puppy.” Mama is 10 years old and Puppy is 4. Puppy was born at Whitestone and is the friendlier of the two. Guests often feed her apples and carrots out of their hands. These mares are each about 22 hands high and weigh over 2,000 pounds.

If they never did any work but just stood in the pasture, I would keep them. They make great “ornaments” in the field.