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Photos: Winter Wonderland, Chonda Pierce, Whitestone at Night

Even though the leaves are off the trees and things slow down a bit with the winter season there are plenty of opportunities for great rest and relaxation, not to mention great photo opportunities.

Here are a few of our favorite photos from the month of January.

Thank you to Tonya Damron Photography for taking many of these terrific photos around the property.

A doe and her fawn in the snow on the grounds

The farmhouse and snow capped Chapel in the background

Whitestone chapel through the trees
chapel at whiteston night shot

The school house in the snow here on the property
schoolhouse in the snow

Chonda Pierce visited Whitestone to finish a book she’s working on


The frost covering the Whitestone property



A night shot of the farmhouse and chapel


A night shot of the school house from R2R architectural studios while using our meeting and conference center.



Watch this video on Facebook of the snow falling at Whitestone.

A video of Whitestone in the snow from yesterday morning.

Posted by Whitestone Country Inn on Thursday, January 21, 2016