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Whitestone Inn – Easter Bunny



Kingston-Tennessee – Buddy showed up at Whitestone just in time for Easter

Whitestone Country Inn – bed and breakfast in Tennessee – Whitestone is the home to a variety of wildlife such as deer, numerous species of birds, and… Rabbits. The young puppy of our innkeeper’s son discovered the baby bunny in the wooded area by Whitestone’s tennis courts. The fascinating piece of the story is that the puppy, Lincoln, did not attack the young rabbit but seemed to be standing guard over it. Lincoln was carried away from guarding the bunny and the family soon went on a trip. When Lincoln returned home with the family he immediately returned to the bunny and brought it to the family home.

The young Cowell family is currently caring for the little rabbit as it appears to have a deformed front paw. It’s possible that the mother abandoned the poor baby and that is why Lincoln stood his vigilant guard over the animal. In fact Lincoln continues to keep tabs on the bunny, named Buddy, inside the house.

Easter Bunny at Whitestone from Whitestone Country Inn on Vimeo.