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What Innkeepers Do

A friend from high-school came to Whitestone. I had not seen him since 1959 and would not have recognized him if he had not identified himself when he pulled in the entrance to the chapel. I was parking cars for a wedding, greeted him warmly and told him to go to the next entrance to check in.

Two hours later we renewed our friendship in the dining room after not talking for all those years. I greeted other guests, poured tea and water and was enjoying  a beautiful Saturday evening. As I was pouring my high-school friend more tea he said “Back in school you were a bit unusual and the class was about evenly split about what career options you might choose. Half of us thought you would be a parking lot attendant and the other half said you would end up waiting tables somewhere. Now I see that you have been able to roll both of those jobs into one!”

My 50th class reunion is in June. Now I am nervous about going. I may find out what they were saying behind my back.