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Weddings at Whitestone Country Inn

     Perhaps the ultimate endorsement of Whitestone Country Inn is to be chosen by a bride as the venue for a wedding.  The wedding day is the best attended and, in many ways, the most important day in our lifetime.  Even in this economy, weddings at Whitestone Country Inn continue to be a consistent part of our business.

     Brides are sometimes spending a little less on food and flowers, but the number of weddings remain the same.  Weddings at Whitestone are affordable.  We have hosted over one-thousand weddings in the last 15 years, so our systems are in place to insure that weddings run smoothly and are as stress-free as possible.

     A growing wedding segment here is our elopement packages. Our new elopement packages have sparked a huge increase in the number of elopements we host.  Gatlinburg has shown that couples who want more than a court-house wedding will come to East Tennessee to get married.  Now, dozens of brides and grooms are finding everything they need for a romantic elopement venue without the hassle and congestion of Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge.

     After all, Whitestone Country Inn was voted one of the 10 most romantic inns in America by America’s Historic Inn.