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Vow Renewals In East Tennessee – Whitestone Inn

Vow Renewals In East Tennessee - Whitestone Inn

At Whitestone I do dozens of vow renewals every year. Some are planned months ahead of time and some are spontaneous. On occasion guests have come to Whitestone and when discovering that I am an ordained minister, they ask if I would renew their wedding vows.

For most couples, saying they would choose their spouse again is more significant than their original vows. After all, no matter how long you dated, marriage brought “new” insights. Truett Cathy used to frequently say, “Love is blind, but marriage is an eye opener.” After years of experiencing the mountains and valleys that come to every marriage, renewing your wedding vows can be a significant re-commitment to one another.

Sometimes a renewal of vows follows a difficult time in the marriage. Sometimes vows are renewed on special anniversaries—10 years, 20 years, etc.

Recently I renewed vows for a couple that had been married at a court house and wanted a more significant spiritual vow renewal on their anniversary.

Vow Renewals In East Tennessee - Whitestone Inn

Many couples renew their vows because the years have drawn them closer to each other and they want to express that closeness. On a few occasions, children have participated in planning the vow renewal as a part of a family reunion. Whatever the reason, re-committing to your spouse is a wonderful way to express your love and deepen your commitment.

I am always delighted to participate in vow renewals. Our culture creates tremendous pressure on marriages. At Whitestone we are committed to providing a safe place where couples can strengthen their relationship and prove the wisdom of marriage as God’s plan for His creation.

Vow Renewals In East Tennessee - Whitestone Inn