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The Re-enchantment Of Everyday Life

When I was completing the final plans for building Whitestone I read a book that had a significant impact on the way Whitestone works today. In THE RE-ENCHANTMENT OF EVERYDAY LIFE byThomas More the case is presented for unique distinct places and things that nurture our soul. More believes that America has become so franchised and pragmatic that it is difficult to experience any specialness.

Our culture has become so utilitarian and ordinary,especially in hospitality facilities that our soul longs for a place of uniqueness that can enchant us and feed the deepest part of our being. Our soul (Thomas More’s defination) is “an essential ingredient of life”. He argues that it is very damagingto us to live in a disenchanted world where there is no “magic”. He says what makes life worth living is “a spiritual and soulful vision that arises from enchanted nature”.

I was so impactedby More’s challenge to create a resort where guests have enchanted moments that diminsh there daily preoccupation with the stress of coping with life. Whitestone’s vision statement is to provide “a sanctuart for the soul”. I wanted a stay at Whitestone to make transformation possible. I wanted more than “the food was great and the room was very nice”. I wanted to hear guest say “time at Whitestone changed me. I leave different than when I arrived”.

So many guests’ comment cards and room journals tell the story of the results of time at Whitestone.Lives are re=enchanted, clarity is restored, and strength is recieved for the journey.My goal is for Whitestone to provide the special setting to reconnect our guests to their deepest self and be refreshed and uplifted. Come soon and let us re-enchant your everyday life.