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The Details God or the Devil?

I have heard it both ways-I know it’s either God or the devil that’s in the details. Certainly it is attention to details that occupy a lot of my time. In my pervious life I was (at one time) a pastor, CEO of a home shopping TV channel, and the owner-operator of a 100 store discount bookstore chain. I didn’t get involved in the day to day details back then as much as I am involved at Whitestone Country Inn,

And it’s the details that distinguish a AAA 4 diamond inn from lessor designations. The difference in OK and exceptional requires a phrase I learned from a restaurant owner in New York-“constant gentle pressure”. Every day I count on the 50+ dedicated employees to implement my vision of “a sanctuary for the soul”.

As Whitestone welcomes weddings, Christmas parties, and anniversary getaways its the constant attention to the little things that leave guests with special memories of this special place. Nobody can do it all. But a great team working together makes everyday a joy to be the innkeeper of  a AAA 4 diamond inn. I actaully enjoy being involved in the details rather than being insulated by other levels of management, It makes me feel useful!