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Spring Wedding Trends for 2020

Wedding trends change year by year, and this year we are in awe of the trends that we will see throughout this 2020 wedding season. From color schemes to flowers to clothing, we will fill you in on what is “in” and what is “out” when it comes to weddings this spring. 

Color Scheme

The typical color scheme that comes to mind for a spring wedding is a bright, light, and airy color palette. For example, many might use light pastel-colored tablecloths, invitations, flowers, decor, etc. However, it is actually becoming trendy to incorporate a darker and neutral tone to the typical spring color scheme. You could incorporate a couple of dark colors as long as they are visually appealing when placed in the color scheme as a whole. This gives your wedding decor some depth and strength. Whereas, if you were to only go with the Easter egg colors, there wouldn’t be much visual definition in the decor.


For the most part, all spring flowers make for a gorgeous bouquet, and it is up to the bride and groom to decide which combination of spring blooms they want on their special day. The spring season brings plentiful blooms of a variety of beautiful flowers that many of us miss during the winter months. Adding a lot of greenery to the floral arrangements is also very trendy this year!

Wedding Dresses

During the early spring months, there is still a little chill in the air in most parts of the country, so wearing a wedding dress with sleeves is a great and trendy option. These dresses are a rising trend because of their elegant and contemporary appearance. 

Guests Favors

Not all couples decide to provide wedding favors for guests, but if you do, this spring favor trend is incredible! Fill mason jars with soil and fertilizer. Then plant a small succulent in each one. Top it off with a twine bow tied around the top of the mason jar. This perfectly fits the theme of a spring wedding – life, growth, happiness, and nurturing.

Wedding Cakes

This year, wedding cakes are becoming more floral and much simpler. Cakes are more often being seen with minimal icing of a neutral color, with some simple spring flowers at their peak bloom added on the cake!

Whatever your spring wedding plans may be, we can make it a reality. Check out our website to see what all our onsite wedding planners offer, and which wedding or elopement package best suits you. We, at Whitestone, look forward to hearing from you and hosting your special day.