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PAII conference

The innkeeping conference at Disneyland in LA last week provided a wonderful opportunity to hear about the latest developments in technology for innkeepers. A major focus was the increasing trend to register online at bed and breakfasts. As innkeepers we want to maintain the highest level of warm hospitality to our guests. Recent statistics indicate that a significant number of our guests want to make their reservations on their own terms at times selected by them. With the advent of improved web sites and virtual tours I acknowledge that online reservatiopns are here to stay. It still seems strange to me that a guest can arrive at Whitestone Country Inn without having asked 20 questions about the color of drapes or how far it is to Gatlinburg.

So much information is available online that the very nature of business has changed in every arena. We still answer the phone by the third ring and we can still describe the rooms. But A good web site answers a lot of questions and you can make dependable reservations online. I just wonder
“whats next”?